About me

I am an Artistic Entrepreneur interested in creating life experiences and in being part of their creation. What I do must have heart in it and must mean something. If not, there's no point on doing things. Life's to be lived and enjoyed in the now.

I have worked professionally in 3 languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese), 2 continents and 11 countries as an actor, director, singer, vocal coach, musician, producer. I've prepared myself as best I could, and still do. Acting degree, physical theatre, musical theatre postgraduate.

I am an artist with integrity as well as an integral artist.

Since 2005 I went into the beginning of an awakening that has allowed me to be more in touch with who I am and to understand the world I live in a bit better. I had to ask the questions. I still do. I put my heart in my work and my aim is to inspire, be inspired, and live inspired.

-Aho Mitacuye Oyasin-

Additional Information


"In terms of acting, it would be odd indeed were the operatic limelight stolen by a non-singing role. But such was the skill of Alvaro Flores Mejorada - as a non-speaking sailor - that this might well have been, were it not for Sinead Campbell's Galatea."

Guy Dammann

The Guardian, 25th April 2008

Additional Skills

Competent sight reader

Proficient in basketball, tennis, football, swimming and kickboxing.